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if they need us to go elsewhere, we will. >> efforts continue, new york city marathon has been cancelled. 47,000 runners scheduled to take part in this race. the mayor and officials decided waits wrong to use resources when so many are in need. >> those of us who love the city and love this race recognize it wasn't a marathon if it wasn't a unifyingqv1 even. >> in addition to workers there, scores of red cross volunteers are in new york helping people you can help through the red cross textvbitye word red dros make a $10 donation, or, you can call 1-800-red cross. visit our web site we have a link there to the red cross web site. disney has given $2 million to the effort making monday a day of giving. >> four days before deciding who will lead the country, the labor department issued a poll sid report on jobs today. rates did pick up, but only because half a million people felt confident enough to rejoin and start looking for employment again. it's your voice, your vote. abc 7 news is here now with a look at the impoliticians of the numbers. >> if we saw a big swing, the jobs report would be
and then went across northern california, oregon, washington, even to their former home in new york city? they started that in january and were wondering if they were doing that this time around. we talk to the giants management and they say probably but it is still too early to plan. right now they are just savoring the moment. line at san francisco city hall, caroline tyler, abc 7 news. >> hope they do that again. >> thanks very much. >> a lot of fans staked out their spots in the middle of the night. >> diehard fans waiting hours and hours to make sure they had a good view. laura anthony is live as well. you talk to a lot of happy fans today. >> happy, a little bit tired but got fired up ones their team took the stage here at the civic center. group that braved the cold, the rain. many were out here all night but they were surely not disappointed. they came from far and wide and came early to gather in san francisco's civic center plaza to celebrate the team that brought the world championship home. >> where are you from? >> sacramento. >> came all the way down here for this? >> yes,
whether san francisco should follow new york city's lead allowing stud dwronts ride transit system free. a hearing about it in city hall today and a vote is to. abc 7 news is live with both sides of the debate. >> the vote on a resolution will indicate how supervisors feel this new pot of money should be spent. it could influence a decision by the board of districters who will vote next month. muni carries about 700,000 passengers per day. that is the oldest fleet in america, things are breaking down. now, comes a wind fall from regional metropolitan transportation commission. the supervisor wantsmh8k it invested. >> that needs to be job one for muni. >> critics don't want all of the money reserved for that. two years now, community activists and students have called on muni to offer free rides. >> this shouldn't be obstacles blocking from anything around the city. >> a 120% hike since 2009. and the once traditional school bus service has eroded. a member says she has sympathy for the kids but believes if buses aren't fixed, everybody suffers. >> this doesn't fulfill requirements. >> sp
york city was the site of another parade. thousands of people lined the street office manhattan, waving flags and giving others a boost so they can see the marching soldiered. the parade was promoted as a rally for storm victims and winter coats were collected. >>> the adjustment back to civilian life can prove to be difficult but there is help for the nation's veterans. we're live with a look at what two groups are doing to make a difference. >> here at adobe systems some veterans took part in a program that helps them upgrade their military technical skills in order to get a job in the bay area high-tech industry. and across town, chronically homeless and disabled vets may soon get a permanent roof over their heads. >> former marine served a tour in iraq and one in afghanistan. he is take can part in the vehicle to tech hack-a-thon. he was trained as a network engineer but the training he learned is uses in a high to go industry. >> i've one told it's outdated, military background, the software and everything i worked with. >> the program is the brain childhood of catherine webster. s
a week to prepare. >> high school students took part in a major tradition here, here they are in new york city. the students had to get up for a practice mark at 3:00 a.m. before getting a big moment in the spotlight. >> they sound terrific. four million people line that had route. the school spent 150,000ses today buy tube yaz for the band. >> what do they experience. >> a lot of fun. >> a tragedy in tex. a weather related pile up leaves dozens of mangled cars around the highway. >> u.s. postal service about to join the internet age. a national experiment in the bay area next month. >> and a young man takes steps in a local hospital. >>> a thanksgiving tragedy in texas tonight. two people are dead the result of a massive weather related pile up on interstate 10 near texas gulf coast. the story tonight from beaumont. >> a mangled mass of metal, some twisted beyond recognition turning thanksgiving into a nightmare on wheels for thousands of travelers. from compact cars to tractor trailers, none escaped chain reaction that happened in dense fog southwest of beaumont. it's heavy rolled into
, reflecting corruption in his administration. >> another line live is returning to normal in new york city. tomorrow morning the gas rationing system put gis plk83 in the wake of the storm will be lifted. 85% of the gas stations in manhattan are now running. during the past three weeks, drivers have been allowed to gas up every other day based on whether their plate ends with an odd or even number. >> shoppers behaving badly a massachusetts man is in trouble for leaving a 2-year-old alone in a car while he went inside of a k mart to buy a 5 inch television, smash smashed the window taking the toddler away. the man got out of the store he thought the baby was gone and he called a friend to take him, and the tv home. the baby's mom was at work at the time. >> unbelievable. >> still to come mike >>> if you're out shopping and using a smart phone, be warned police say thieves are ready to snatch it out of your hand. >> they're tracking an app to use if it's stolen. >> police say a tracking app is a best chance of getting a phone back from a thief. how likely are you to find the guy that ran o
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6